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African physicians peruse donated books
African physicians peruse donated books Preoperative examination, Hanoi
Preoperative examination, Hanoi
U.S.-Cuba Anesthesiology Symposium Group Preoperative examination, Hanoi
U.S.-Cuba Anesthesiology Symposium Group
U.S.-Cuba Anesthesiology Symposium Group Underground Hospital in Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam
Underground Hospital in Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam
Betelnut-chewing lady, Danang Underground Hospital in Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam
Betelnut-chewing lady, Danang
Betelnut-chewing lady, Danang Doctors at Tupapa Clinic, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Doctors at Tupapa Clinic, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Casa de la Salud Campesina, Las Varas, Mexico Doctors at Tupapa Clinic, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Casa de la Salud Campesina, Las Varas, Mexico
Casa de la Salud Campesina, Las Varas, Mexico Harvest Moon Hike fundraiser
Harvest Moon Hike fundraiser

Medical Exchange International Projects
Medical Exchange International's projects encompass a wide range of activities and focus on areas where specific needs have been identified. Cuba has been a major focus of activity in light of the compelling need to build a bridge of human friendship with the people of this neighboring nation despite a long history of antagonism between our governments. Vietnam has also been a key site as our nations have put our troubled history behind us, and we have provided both medical supplies and on-site clinical assistance to the strong people of Haiti in the immediate and extended aftermath of the tragic 2010 earthquake. Other sites where MEI has made donations include Egypt, Eritrea, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Madagascar, Trinidad, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, China, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Myanmar/Burma, Malaysia and the Cook Islands.

MEI is a strictly humanitarian organization with no political agenda.

Some of our Projects and Activities:
Cuba: Health Care & Society tours and hospital donations (Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology)

U.S.–Cuba Anesthesiology Symposium, CIMEQ Institute, Havana - Co-chaired by Dr. Freedman Co-sponsorship of academic visits to U.S. by prominent Cuban physicians Medical textbook donation to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, Moshi Tanzania Medical supply container shipment to Cuba (in partnership with Global Links) –surgical, respiratory care, and critical care supplies Participation in U.S.–Cuba Thanksgiving Day Medical Airlift—11 pulse oximeters donated by MEI Donation to Dominican Republic (couriers: Casa Grande High School students)—surgical supplies, intravenous therapy supplies, medical textbooks Medical textbook donation—Port-of-Spain General Hospital, Trinidad Nigeria Pulse Oximeter Donation (in partnership with Mission Ministry Project) Cuba Pulse Oximeter and Medical Textbook Donation (couriers: Baseball International baseball team) Infusion Pump Tubing Shipment to National Oncology Institute, Havana (courier: First Hand Aid) Vietnam: Health Care & Society Tour with hospital donations Las Varas, Mexico-- Casa de la Salud Campesina donation (prenatal vitamins, pulse oximeter, medical textbooks)  Bolivia Medical Exchange

Program donation (for more info, click here , or contact Dr. Rafael Olivares) Pulse oximeter donation to Operation Rainbow  project in Nicaragua Donation of prenatal vitamins and medical textbooks to Clinica Alma Luminosa, a clinic for the indigent in  San Quintin, Mexico, operated by Los Samaritanos VoladoresDonation of textbooks, pulse oximeter, and sphygomomanometer to Tupapa Medical Clinic in Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Donation of fetal doppler unit and obstetric ultrasound machine to Casa de la Salud Campesina, Las Varas, Mexico (many thanks to our friends at Cambiando Vidas for transporting the ultrasound machine to Mexico!)VIETNAM VISION TOUR with donation of pulse oximeter, pediatric anesthesia and surgery equipment, and medical textbooks to Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology; cash donation to medical cinic of the Go Vap Orphanage for Disabled Children, Ho Chi Minh CityDonation of surgical suture, surgical instruments, pediatric IV catheters, and medical textbooks to Aitutaki Hospital in the Cook Islands Donation of cardiac monitor-defibrillator, plastic surgery instruments, and surgical gloves to Hospital Hermano Pedro, Antigua, Guatemala Donation of medical textbooks to Orotta School of Medicine, Asmara, EritreaDonation of pulse oximeter to the Matibabu Foundation medical project in Ugenya, Kenya (for more information, see The Matibabu Foundation)Donation of pulse oximeter to Operation Rainbow orthopedic surgery project in Capiz Province, PhilippinesAngkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, Cambodia- Pulse oximetry supplies donated Textbook donation to Faculdad de Medicina, Tepic, Mexico Physiologic monitor donated to The Korea Society, for delivery by visiting U.S. delegation to Pyongyang Medical School Hospital, North Korea Fetal Doppler unit donated to the Fuerte Olimpo Hospital,  Paraguay  Physiologic monitors donated to the Angkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, Cambodia Donation of physiologic monitor to the Matibabu Foundation medical project in Ugenya, Kenya (for more information, see The Matibabu Foundation) Prenatal vitamin shipment to Clinica Alma Luminosa, San Quintin, Mexico 800 Paracheck-Pf malaria rapid diagnostic test cassettes donated to Global Health Access(GHAP) for use by backpack medical workers of the Mae Tao Clinic on the Thai-Burma border Pulse oximeter donated to Intensive Care Unit at El Norzha Hospital, Cairo, Egypt  Laryngoscopes and blades donated to Xie He Hospital, Beijing, China Laryngeal mask airways donated to the Children's Medical Aid Foundation for their ongoing pediatric surgery program in NepalPulse oximeter donated to Sagaing Free Clinic (NGO) in central Myanmar/Burma Pediatric laryngoscopes and blades donated to Angkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, Cambodia Pulse oximeter donated to Hospital Leopoldo Manrique Terrero,VenezuelaPulse oximeters and laryngoscopes donated to Ottapalam Hospital, Kerala, India, and Pune Hospital, Maharashtra, India Pulse oximeter donated to Centro de Salud El Naranjito, Dominican Republic (free clinic run by Somos Amigos)Contribution to U.S. visit of Dr. Than Van Chin, Director of Danang Rehabiliation Hospital, Danang, VietnamPediatric laryngoscope donation to Angkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, CambodiaPulse oximeter donated to Danang Rehabilitation Hospital, VietnamBicycle donation to Kampong Cham orphanage in Kampong Cham, CambodiaPulse oximeter donated to Mahkota General Hospital, Malacca, Malaysia Pediatric laryngoscopes donated to Hospital de la Familia pediatric surgical program, Nuevo Progreso, GuatemalaDonation of laryngoscopes and examination gloves to Ile Ife Seventh Day Adventist Hospital, Ile Ife, NigeriaDonation to the Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME)  towards purchase of ultrasound machine Donation to Sumatra Earthquake Relief Fund for first-aid kitsDonation of stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs to Kasseh Health Center, Ghana and Casa de Sante, Jinnick Bara, Senegal - for more info or to make donations to these sites, please contact Bren Dione RN at B-Africa Donation of supplies, funds, and on-site participation in Operation Rainbow's surgical mission to Haiti, January 2010 (Dr.Freedman led the Anesthesiology team and served as ICU Directorl) Donation of medical supplies & midwife handbooks to the SADABE PROJECT in Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar

Donations to Prosthetika for limb prostheses for Haitian earth-quake amputees Sphygmomanometers and cash donation to Amara Clinic & Mingun Home for the Aged in Myanmar Donation to Shoes For HaitiDonation to Wells For Life mobile medical clinic project in Tamil Nadu,India Pediatric pulse oximeter donated to Jayavarman VII Hospital, Siem Reap, CambodiaPulse oximeter and airway supplies donated for use in the Peruvian-American Medical Society's surgical mission in Arequipa, Peru, Operation Smile's surgical mission in Fortaleza, Brazil, and Partners For Surgery Hernia Repair for the Underserved program in Guatemala Pediatric airway supplies and surgical supplies donated to Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital in Laos; 3 pulse oximeters delivered to physicians on behalf of Anesthesia equipment donation to Typhoon Haiyan Relief Mission, Philippines Anesthesia supplies donated to University of Kigali Hospital and Butare General Hospital in Rwanda - Dr. Freedman served as a volunteer clinical instructor Pulse oximeter donation- Mulago Public Hospital, Kampala, UgandaMedical textbook donation to physicians - Pyongyang, North Korea (Dr. Freedman participated in a "Medicine and Society in North Korea" tour sponsored by London-based Master Travel Ltd.Cash donation to Nokor Tep Women's Hospital project, Cambodia.Christmas Donation to Cuba - Pulse oximeters, surgical scrubs Our 2018 Spring Hike For Health Care funded a 3-YEAR SCHOLARSHIP for a Ugandan student in the Certificate Program of St. Mary's School of Midwifery in Kalongo, Uganda (go to their website to read about this wonderful program founded by Dr. Giuseppe Ambrosoli in 1959)

Calendar of Upcoming Events:




Exercise your body and nourish your soul on these hikes in the Mayacamas Mountains of the Sonoma wine country. A suggested donation of $20 per person is requested -- 100% of funds from our Hikes for Health Care program go to directly support one or more of MEI's ongoing projects - specifics are discussed at the trailhead.


Gunsight Rock Hike Saturday, June 2, 2018 - depart 10:00 AM

An extraordinarily scenic hike up Hood Mountain in Sugarloaf State Park to the dramatic Gunsight Rock vista point overlooking Jack London's Valley of the Moon. This is probably Sonoma County's most beautiful half-day hike, about 4-5 hours roundtrip including rest stops at Gunsight and the summit. Proceeds from this hike will go towards a scholarship for a Ugandan student in St. Mary's Midwifery Training School in Kalongo, Uganda.

[NOTE: Hike route subject to change this year due to trail work subsequent to the October 2017 fires.]


Full Moon Hike - Monday, Sept. 24, 2018 - depart 5:15PM

This year's moonlight hike takes place on the night of the full moon during the warm and clear month of September, We climb to the summit of Bald Mountain in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park for a magnificent 360-degree view of the simultaneous sunset and moonrise over Napa and Sonoma valleys. Descent is easy thanks to the bright moonlight. About 4 hours round trip, including time to enjoy the summit and take in views of the moonlit valleys.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail:

[email protected]

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